i’m like hey, what’s up? hello.

hi. my name is jenny. somehow, you have arrived at the mad paddle. welcome!

you might wonder, why mad paddle?

one of the definitions of MAD is:
marked by intense and often chaotic activity : wild <a mad scramble>

and well, i fell like everything in my life is a mad paddle … somewhere. actually, i don’t even know where. i’m always just paddling. so, that’s where it was born. a lot has changed in my world in the past couple years … and that name fits how life flows now.

i am finally dusting off my blogging skills. it’s time to talk about adventure and hustlin’ in the land of 10,000 lakes. i am pretty excited to start documenting life again. i hope you keep stopping in to read about everything from my travels to the latest joke my kid cracked at the dinner table.

in the meantime. you might need to meet the main characters in my life. there are my gremlins, tucker (age 10) and levi (age 6) and my boyfriend, nick. they are pretty rad.